North Dakota University System
Student Exchange/Reciprocity Programs

Minnesota-North Dakota Tuition Reciprocity Program

Under the Minnesota-North Dakota Tuition Reciprocity Program, if space is available and the program of study is approved under the reciprocity agreement, a Minnesota resident may attend a North Dakota public institution and pay the established reciprocity fee. Similarly, any North Dakota resident may attend a Minnesota public institution and pay the established reciprocity fee.

Students may apply to the North Dakota/Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity Program online here or download the reciprocity application form below. If you have questions about Minnesota-North Dakota application forms, contact the North Dakota University System Reciprocity Processor or 701-328-2964.

The 2018-19 ND/MN reciprocity application (Fall 2018, Spring/Summer 2019) will be on the website in March 2018. Please check back.

NDUS Application for Resident Student Status

2017-2018 ND/MN Reciprocity Application (Fall 2017, Spring/Summer 2018)

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