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SUBJECT: 600s: Personnel EFFECTIVE: March 14, 2017
Section: 602.3 Job Applicant/Employee Criminal History Background Checks

  1. Definitions:
    1. CHRC: Criminal History Records Check - Requires fingerprints, conducted by ND BCI

    2. CHC: Criminal History Check - Are performed by NDUS approved vendor(s)

    3. SOR: Sex Offender Registry

    4. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

    5. BCI: Bureau of Criminal Investigation

    6. New hires: includes
      1. Individuals never before employed by the institution.
      2. Re-hires, if the individual's break in service exceeds 12 months or unless the new position or newly-assigned duties indicate that different checks or verifications are required.
      3. Transfer from another NDUS institution.
      4. Transfers and promotions within the same institution if an individual has never completed a CHRC or CHC and SOR for the institution.

  2. A nationwide FBI CHRC is authorized for all NDUS positions:

  3. A nationwide FBI CHRC is required before beginning employment in the following positions:
    1. Police officer;

    2. Security guard; and

    3. University Police Dispatchers/Call Center Operators.

  4. CHC and SOR checks are required for new hires for the following positions:
    1. All benefited positions; and

    2. Non-benefited positions, including volunteers who:
      1. have access to confidential or proprietary information;
      2. have master keys;
      3. have access to cash, credit, debit or other financial transactions;
      4. are resident hall and/or apartment managers, directors or assistants;
      5. are child care employees and other employees who have unsupervised contact with minor children;
      6. are responsible for, or with access to, controlled substances and other drugs, explosives or potentially dangerous chemicals and other substances;
      7. are instructional faculty and staff, including graduate teaching assistants; and,
      8. are counselors and coaches.

  5. CHC and SOR checks are required every 24 months for volunteers and temporary hires for camps and other activities that involve minors.

  6. The CHC shall, at a minimum include:
    1. All names/aliases for the past seven (7) years
    2. All addresses for the past seven (7) years
    3. Federal criminal background check using primary source
    4. County criminal background check using primary source
    5. Nationwide sex offender registry check

    The SOR list shall be the Nationwide Sex Offender Registry.

  7. The CHC and SOR checks must be completed before beginning employment. If there is an urgent documented need to start employment within seven working days of selection and prior to the completion of the check, the employee may begin work as scheduled, under proper supervision; however, continued employment is subject to successful completion of the checks.

Reference: SBHE Policy - 511   602.3  

Reference: N.D.C.C. 12-60-24

Chancellor's Cabinet, March 19, 2008.
Chancellor's Cabinet, May 5, 2015.
Chancellor's Senior Staff Meeting, January 10, 2017.
Chancellor's Senior Staff Meeting, March 14, 2017.
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